• 2014, Commercial, Daughter, MENTOS ‘STAY FRESH’ FOR E4, Sassy Films
    2014, Commercial, Artistic Director, POUNDS TO POCKET, Happy Hour, Jason Edwards
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  • 2011, Television, Presenter, WEIGHED IN , Sky 184 Ben Tv, Geoff Lines
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  • 2009, Recording, Chart Single Singer, 30 MILES TO WEMBLEY (HERE COME THE HATTERS), Vanilla Records, (No. 14 in the i-Tunes Music Video Chart)

  • 2012, Still Photography, Dancing girl, HALIFAX SUMMER SAVINGS, Locate Productions, Dean Northcott
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  • 2011, Corporate, Tax adviser Presenter, THE GOVERNMENT BUSINESS LINK INTERACTIVE VIDEO, Hub Tv, David Hunstone
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  • 2005, Rehearsed Reading, Joy, THE DOG STAR, New Writers Showcase, Effie Woods
    2012, Viral, Dancing girl, HALIFAX SUMMER SAVINGS, Locate Productions, Toby Tobias